A Brown Fencing and Landscaping offer a complete landscaping and gardening service including; turfing, planting, grass cutting, designing garden paths and borders, seeding, weed control service and clearances.

A well maintained lawn can be the center piece of any garden.  Lawns can have multiple uses, as space for children to play in, alfresco dining and relaxing.  All too often lawns are neglected but with just a little attention your lawn can be as beautiful as the day it was first laid.  It should be remembered that a lawn is constantly in a state of change, responding to many external influences, such as; the weather, soil conditions, watering, mowing, feeding and other environmental factors


All lawns need mowing! It is one of the most frequent, and most important, tasks maintaining a healthy lawn. Getting the cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a huge difference to the ongoing health of the lawn. There are some problems that may occur whilst cutting your lawn such as; an uneven finish or ragged cuts , so why not use our reliable, friendly service to give your lawn a perfect, flat finish.


We also provide many new lawns by laying turf or sowing grass seed for clients. This has involved creating a whole new lawn or replacing and old one. We use top quality turf and grass seed from local suppliers to ensure the product is good.

Grass seed is best carried out in spring and autumn when temperatures are not too high and there is rain fall to provide moisture that the seeds require. Turf is best laid in autumn, winter and early spring when rooting can commence. If you fancy a new fresh lawn for your garden for summer, don’t hesitate and contact us now.


Have you got weeds, moss or algae growing on hard surfaces or lawns then all these problems can be solved.

We use a variety of methods to remove invasive species including spot treatment, spraying and chemical treatment of stumps. More environmentally friendly methods are also used for sensitive environmental areas

We advise our customers on the most appropriate and cost effective method of dealing with their weed problems.


We tackle overgrown gardens and get them back to a manageable state, remove and recycle all arisings . We are a very tidy and clean company, once where finished your garden, it will be left spotless and back to its former glory.